Day 42+15 weeks: Shanghai - Tanjung Pelepas - Hamburg

Things are moving! The container with my car reached the port of Shanghai yesterday. Cruising down Yangtze River took longer as planned due to heavy traffic and even heavier rain. After being loaded on a larger container ship, it is now bound for Malaysia. From there the long journey to Europe really starts, planned arrival in Hamburg is now September 25th.

Day 42+13 weeks: Nanjing - Hamburg

Alright, we have progress! After 5.000 km across China, some haggling with the truck driver and a towing company my car made it to Nanjing last week. Since then, it has gone through the customs procedures and loading into the sea freight container. So, if everything goes well now said container should be in Hamburg around September 18th!

Day 42+10 weeks: Kashgar - Nanjing - Bremerhaven - Braunschweig

Almost ten weeks after leaving behind my car in Kashgar it has started moving again! I have finally found a solution to get it transported to Germany now, first on a truck through China, then via container sea freight to Germany.


Thanks to the super helpful hotel staff, my colleagues in Beijing, and the guys from the trucking company my C-Trek left Kashgar already yesterday. It even had my spare parts box from Beijing on board besides all the luggage I had to leave behind. Last but not least, the car even started without problems after the ten week wait in the hotel garage!

I’ll keep you posted if it all works out like planned - the whole procedure may take around two months depending on how well it goes through...