PEK2FR — From Beijing to Freiburg


This is the story about a 23.000 km long two month road trip through China and Central Asia. It starts in Beijing, China where I had worked for three years to my home town Freiburg, Germany. The original plan was to go all the way with my own car, but customs issues changed that a bit.

So it started in late March 2018 with 14.500 km through 19 provinces of China over six weeks. For another 2 1/2 weeks we then traveled through Central Asia - first a quick pass through Kyrgyzstan, then all the way through Uzbekistan and finally Turkmenistan from where we flew back to Germany.

The land route would then have gone through Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, and Czech Republic to Germany, arriving there by the End of June 2018


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