Day 42+22 weeks: Braunschweig - Freiburg

Here comes the real finishing photo for my Beijing to Freiburg roadtrip! End of May, I had to use a rented GTI as a stand-in for the C-Trek, but today I could finally get the original car to its original destination on a beautiful autumn day — 196 days after leaving Beijing on a similarly beautiful spring day.

On my 1200 km weekend ride trough Germany I caught everything from confused looks to big smiles when people saw my here unknown car with its Chinese numberplate. An excited group of young Chinese tourists almost forgot to steer their rental car through the motorway traffic when they saw the probably first car from their home country here in Germany…

However, before closing this roadtrip story, I first had to obtain my customs release for the car and unload all the luggage we had to leave behind in Kashgar. Plus, I spent a bit of time and work on getting rid of the dust the car had collected over its journey… Especially the inside hadn’t seen a vacuum cleaner for most of the journey, and especially the super fine desert sand of the Taklamakan is really good at sticking really everywhere.

This second finishing photo is also somehow the end of this roadtrip slightly more than half a year after its start — and it has been a wonderful experience. And also, since two weeks work has got me back at being busy…

从北京到弗赖堡 / cóng běi jīng dào fú lài bǎo / from Beijing to Freiburg / von Peking nach Freiburg

Jan Martin